Oculus Pentacam 

The Pentacam evaluates the anterior segment together with the anterior and posterior corneal surface. The scan captures up to 100 Scheimpflug images within seconds allowing the cornea to be evaluated at various angles. The Pentacam records elevation and curvature not only of the anterior surface but also of the posterior corneal surface. It measures corneal thickness and corneal diameter. The Pentacam can also be used to screen glaucoma patients by measuring the anterior chamber angle, depth and volume and corrected IOP (intra ocular pressure) can be measured taking into account the measured corneal thickness as corneal thickness affects IOP readings.

The high resolution images produced allows for detection of cataracts and posterior capsular opacities (PCO) which patient’s often develop after cataract surgery. The Holladay Report aids in calculating the power of the Intraocular lens (IOL) in patients who have had prior refractive surgery by determining the relationship between the posterior and anterior corneal surface to determine the overall refractive power of the cornea.

Corneal thickness progression analysis is essential for early detection and progression of keratoconus. The colour coded maps and numerical data can be compared over visits to monitor disease progression or post op changes.


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