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Visian ICL (Implantable collamer lens)

The Visian ICL is the latest in technology for long lasting treatment of myopes and hyperopes who are not candidates for laser vision correction. Often referred to as the Implantable contact lens, the ICL has a similar function to that of contact lenses, however the ICL is implanted within the eye between the iris and the crystalline lens. The Visian ICL can be used to treat myopia and hyperopia, or a combination of myopia/hyperopia and astigmatism with the toric implantable collamer lens (TICL). This procedure is most suitable for patients with moderate to high myopia and suitable high hyperopes.

The Visian ICL is a permanent lens with numerous advantages. The ICL is made up of a 100 % pure collagen copolymer lens material therefore it is 100% biocompatible with the chemistry of the body and will not be rejected. Patients are often amazed at the high definition vision received with these lenses. The ICL being a reversible lens, can be harmlessly removed or replaced should the patient’s vision change. The ICL cannot be felt once it is implanted and is invisible to both the patient and observers. The ICL contains a UV blocker that protects the eye from UV related eye disorders.

Patients between the ages of 21-45 with moderate to high nearsightedness, farsightedness and with or without astigmatism wanting high quality vision are suitable candidates for ICL. Patients with dry eyes and thin corneas can be treated with ICLs, these are typically patients who are not suitable for laser correction. Dr Deist will also evaluate the anterior chamber and endothelial cell density to ensure suitability for this procedure. Patients with stable keratoconus and good spectacle corrected vision are suitable candidates for toric ICL implantation.

The procedure lasts approximately 30 minutes and is done either under general anesthetic or local anesthetic with conscious sedation. The lens will gently be placed behind the iris. Patients are discharged within 3 hours and usually recover functional vision by the next day. Various eye drops will be prescribed by Dr Deist to prevent inflammation and infection.This procedure has an excellent safety profile (FDA approved) and has been available since 1997. 

Athletes, celebrities and the US military are all using Visian ICL due to the high quality vision offered by these lenses. Studies conducted have shown that the ICL provides excellent vision and excellent low luminance contrast sensitivity, which is vital for patients at night. Approximately 93% of eyes undergoing this procedure reach the desired target refraction. Patients with stable keratoconus that have undergone crosslinking, intrastromal ring segments or a corneal graft can have ICL’s implanted.

Please follow the Post operative care checklist.

For more information please visit www.visianinfo.com 

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